The Cabin Fevers: Groove Rock On The Go!

“Roll on Down” is a really interesting album by The Cabin Fevers. If you like the music of the Black Crowes, the Rolling Stones and Blackbarry Smoke, this band is right for you.

The voice of Renato Terziani is a perfect mix of Soul and Rock and roll. His pronunciation of English is impeccable. Even the groove produced by the rhythm guitar is impressive. The open tunings were performed with great style and precision. This in my opinion is what makes this album truly unique and original.

“Carry On”, a refined and tidy blues reminiscent of the most alchemical ZZ Top, follows the single “Over Again”, a true radio hit. As if the Black Crowes were dancing alongside the “Georgia Satellites”. Renato’s voice and Biacco’s guitar groove perfectly together. With “Little Lady” it is impossible to stop beating your foot and move your head.

In “Fly High” you can appreciate the melodic versatility of the singer, with references to Blind Melon quite evident. “Kick on the Road” is super-song Punk-rock and roll tune and is one of my favorites on the album. “Love Song” is an elegant 90s ballad that gives thickness and balance to this work.

“Mag at School”, on the other hand, is a beautiful funky rock track, with the final triptych “Everytime”, “Fall on your Lips”, “River of Tears” reaching the top.

The songs that I prefer on this album are well played, well produced and well done. Congratulations guys!!!

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